My passion for the voice is motivated by my own long vocal journey; nothing came easily to me, and I felt I had to work harder vocally to get the sounds I wanted. This desire to find ease and be more consistent in my singing, led me to explore different pedagogical approaches. After time, through the right teachers and lots of self exploration, I developed a deep understanding of how the voice functions. This knowledge has given me the ability to work with the best tools to help you discover the most efficient way to use your voice.  

I specialize in working with aspiring and professional singers who are interested in mastering their craft. I love working with people who are excited to immerse themselves in the process of achieving their vocal goals.

One on One Sessions

The sessions are exclusively online and can be 30 or 60 minutes.

30 min This is what I recommend when you want to focus on working on technical aspects of your voice. 

60 min This is what I recommend if you want to work on your technique and on specific songs and performance.

1 Session 30 min       $65 CAD
4 Sessions 30 min    $255 CAD
8 Sessions 30 min    $500 CAD

1 Session 60 min      $100 CAD
4 Sessions 60 min   $390 CAD
8 Sessions 60 min   $770 CAD

When you purchase a package, we will schedule your sessions according to our mutual availability.

Group Sessions

It is possible to book sessions for 2 or more people at the same time. Please get in touch to know your specific needs.


Stay tuned for upcoming workshops, or please contact me to know your specific needs.

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